Conservative PAC Launches Anti-Obama Ad in Coal Regions

  • Susan Phillips

Although Pennsylvania will skip a competitive presidential primary this year, thanks to Santorum’s exit, the ad wars for the general election have begun. The conservative super PAC American Crossroads has launched a radio ad in the Keystone state attacking President Obama’s new air pollution rules. The ad will run in the Pittsburgh area, as well as coal mining areas of West Virginia and Ohio. ┬áIt features a prominent union leader attacking Obama. The head of the United Mine Workers Cecil Roberts is heard criticizing Obama on a radio talk show. Roberts says EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson “shot” mineworkers with the new rules, which he says will kill jobs in the coal industry. You can listen to the entire ad here:

American Crossroads was founded by Karl Rove, and is adept at raising lots of money, which it uses to campaign against liberal candidates. Much of their focus will be on swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.
The new air emission rules are expected to influence power plant conversions to natural gas. The coal industry has been fighting ad wars of their own in Pennsylvania, with billboards from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh touting the benefits of coal power.