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Obama On Two-Day Energy Policy Promo Tour

President Barack Obama embarked on a two-day trip to promote what the White House is calling an “all-of-the-above energy strategy,” combining research, renewables, conservation and, of course, expanding “responsible oil and gas development.”
The first stop on his tour will be the largest photovoltaic plant in the country, the Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility in Boulder, Nevada. The stop comes on the heels of a Commerce Department decision to impose tariffs on Chinese solar panel imports. Obama also plans to visit oil and gas production fields located on federal lands outside of Maljamar, New Mexico, as well as sites in Ohio and Oklahoma.
Part of the focus of his trip will be on the administration’s plan to continue expanding domestic oil and gas production, particularly on public lands and waters. According to a White House press release, during the last three years, the Department of the Interior has held 32 onshore oil and gas lease sales, covering nearly 4.4 million acres of federal land. Another 32 sales are planned for 2012.

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