NJ Governor Has Interest in Fracking Technology

  • Susan Phillips

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club says Governor Chris Christie’s 2010 income tax return lists an investment in a company that treats frack wastewater. The firm, Ecosphere Technologies, provides on-site treatment of the frack fluid so that natural gas drillers can re-use the water to frack another well. The Ecosphere website says their technology has operated at more than 300 wells in shale plays across the country.
A press release put out by the Sierra Club says Christie earned more than $28,000 dollars last year from his stock in the company. The Sierra Club’s Jeff Tittel says the Governor’s investment is a conflict of interest.

“This raises concerns that the Governor is more committed to gas drilling than protecting New Jersey residents from the impacts of fracking.  Unfortunately this leads to questioning decisions  the Governor has made including  vetoing the fracking ban bill and scrapping off-shore LNG which is a competitor to fracking,”
New Jersey does not contain significant shale gas deposits, and so no gas drilling will occur in the Garden state. But New Jersey does have a voice on the Delaware River Basin Commission, which is expected to enact new drilling rules next month.

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