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Former Governor Walters: Don’t Waste Oklahoma’s Water, Sell It To Texas

In a commentary piece from NonDoc, Walters, a Democrat who served from 1991-1995, says 30 billion gallons of unused water flows into the Red River each day, and capturing and selling just a small portion of it could end the state’s financial problems and make southeast Oklahoma’s economy boom.

Why Other States Can’t Import Texas’ Economy

Big Tex

Here’s one economic message for other governors: “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Why? Because Oklahoma’s southern neighbor is unique, says a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Basically: Texas is a state no other state can replicate. Here’s the argument:

Oklahoma vs. Texas: A Red River Rivalry … of Taxes?

Oklahoma is chasing...

Despite a storied sports rivalry that continues again this weekend, Oklahoma lawmakers have a long history of talking up Texas. Lonestar State-shaped tax reforms remain in the playbook today, a decade after our state’s Texas envy created a political frenzy.

Is Oklahoma vs. Texas a Fair Economic Comparison?

Is Texas' economic policy a good model for Oklahoma lawmakers?

Whether the topic is tax reform, business regulation or jobs creation, Oklahoma lawmakers and budget stakeholders always seem to end up talking Texas. And that Texas economy is dominating the news, as Gov. Rick Perry continues his quest for the White House by arguing the Texas model of job creation can work nationwide. But the [...]

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