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EPA’s Haze Rule for Texas Meant to Clear the Air In Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains

When the EPA determines a state’s plan for compliance with the rule isn’t good enough, it steps in with its own plan.


As Oklahoma Officials Resist, Utilities On Path to Comply With Federal Emission Cuts

Unit No. 3 is buzzing with construction workers who are installing environmental upgrades to make the coal-fired operation run cleaner.


Environmentalists: Regional Haze Ruling in Texas Means Cleaner Air in Oklahoma

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality didn’t take the news well, saying the EPA’s requirements would cost electricity customers billions of dollars for “a negligible increase in visibility.”


EPA In the Crosshairs as Oklahoma’s Inhofe Gains Sway Over Climate Policy

Lienke says there are four ways Congress can obstruct EPA rules.


Oklahoma’s Largest Utility Prepares To Comply With EPA, Pass Costs to Customers

The Sierra Club’s Whitney Pearson told The Oklahoman OG&E’s compliance plan doesn’t include enough wind energy.


OG&E Plans Expensive Move Away from Coal to Comply With EPA Rules

A plan to comply with the regional haze rule is due in August.


U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Attorney General’s Challenge to Federal Haze Rule

In effect, the EPA rule would require coal plants in Oklahoma and dozens of other states to shut down, install expensive air scrubbers, or switch to a different fuel source.


Federal Government Approves PSO’s Plan to Retire Coal-Fired Power Plants

The agreement between the utility, state, and EPA is expected to bring PSO into compliance with the regional haze rule.

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