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Homeowners insurance the highest in the country. Why?

Tornadoes, ice, hail, wind, drought, fire, earthquakes


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People with disabilities unsheltered in tornado alley

Despite experiencing some of the most severe weather events in the nation, there are no state laws requiring storm shelters in Oklahoma. Public shelters have largely been closed leaving people with disabilities without a safe option during storms.


Fallin Taps Emergency Fund and Feds To Fix Oklahoma’s Flood-Damaged Dams

Governor Mary Fallin on Tuesday announced $1.8 million from the state emergency fund — which will qualify Oklahoma for even more in federal money — to fix 65 dams.


Duncan Left Wanting After State Drought Assistance For Water Project Falls Through

OWRB Executive Director J.D. Strong told The Oklahoman the reason Duncan was denied the grant is simple.


Feds Fund Study of Future Water Options for Drought-Stricken Region of Oklahoma

Luschen reports work on the study would begin in early 2015 and last about two years.


Risk Associated With Dam Failures Grows in Oklahoma, But Safety Funding Lags

For many, it’s been decades since that risk was determined, and the potential hazard has changed because Oklahoma has changed.


Duncan Eyes More Severe Water Restrictions Despite Weakening Drought

The water situation for the city of Duncan continues to deteriorate.


State Water Regulator To Study Southwest Oklahoma Supply Shortages

The announcement of the study comes as one city, Duncan, considers rarely used Stage 4 water restrictions.


City of Duncan Water Rationing Unchanged as Waurika Lake Withers

The lake is the main source of water for Duncan, which is already rationing.


City of Duncan Considers Drastic Measures As Its Main Water Source Dries Up

Southwestern Oklahoma continues to be brutalized as it heads into a fourth consecutive year of drought.

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