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How Oklahoma’s identification of gifted Native students could serve as a national model

Most states don't discover gifted Native American students but Oklahoma has been able to buck that trend.

Cherokee Nation Preserves Food Culture by Freezing History

At the Cherokee Nation Seed Bank in Tahlequah, Okla., a vital part of the tribe’s history is kept frozen.


Groups Opposing State Question On Agriculture Form Unusual Alliance Over Water

Opposition to the state question comes from multiple sources, but a diverse coalition urging a ‘no’ vote is united by a shared concern: water.


Government Help Hard to Come By for Those Wanting Tornado Shelters

It’s actually the federal government shouldering the financial burden for the program, and others like it on the local level.


Five Tribes Join Forces to Develop New Oklahoma Wind Farm

Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker told the paper building the largest wind farm of its kind on tribal land would be good for jobs, energy independence, and the environment: