Researchers may have found deep, previously unmapped faults that could be a source of Oklahoma’s earthquake uptick

Scientists have linked thousands of earthquakes to oil-field disposal wells, but new research helps explain why much of the shaking doesn’t line up with maps of known faults.


Anxiety about teacher pay-raises grows as tax repeal effort builds and legal questions mount

This past legislative session lawmakers passed a $430 million tax package in order to fund teacher pay raises. Now a group called Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite is working to overturn the tax increases. This has created a lot of uncertainty for school leaders who now wonder if they’ll be able to afford the teacher raises they fought so hard for.


Prison’s water restored after tower is drained by leak

The inmates kept gallon-sized jugs of drinking water in their cells while crews worked to restore the water.


DNA exonerates Oklahoma man who spent 26 years in prison for murder

Innocence Project staff say Johnny Tallbear was convicted by eyewitness testimony and inaccurate forensic data provided by a now discredited forensic examiner.


The effort to overturn funding for teacher pay-raises explained

An anti-tax group is circulating a petition to overturn new state taxes, but multiple education groups have challenged the petition, saying it is unconstitutional.




After veto, county sheriffs insist the state still owes jails money for housing inmates.

County sheriffs heavily supported a bill they hoped would mean larger reimbursements to county jails that hold state prison inmates and a more transparent reimbursement system. The governor vetoed the bill leaving the debate between county sheriffs and the state unresolved.


Oklahoma suicide rate up 36 percent since 1999

Oklahoma is one of 25 states that saw rates climb more than 30 percent

Prison program that teaches women to train unwanted dogs upgrades after years of delays

The new facility gives the program a designated building, a new kennel and exercise area with obstacles — and a new grooming area and a walking path.


Hospital replaces pamphlets with conversations to get parents to stop smoking

Fragile NICU babies are at risk of complications from smoking caregivers

Galvanized by walkout, Oklahoma teachers enter crowded election year with promises to prioritize schools

At least 80 teachers are running for office in 2018.
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