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People With Developmental Disabilities May Face Organ Transplant Bias

Henry Weathers had a heart transplant 10 years ago, when he was five years old. His parents are worried he may not get another, due to bias.

New research suggests people with intellectual disabilities are being turned down for organ transplants because of their disability. A growing effort to take human bias out of the decision highlights a little-known area of medicine. Shiny red hearts decorate the tables at a restaurant in Moore. It looks like a Valentine’s Day party, but tonight [...]

Oklahoma Opioid Deaths Continue To Rise

New data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests drug overdose deaths declined in some states — but not in Oklahoma. Drug overdose deaths dropped in 14 states, making health officials hopeful that policies aimed at curbing the death toll may be working. But preliminary numbers from CDC show drug overdose deaths [...]

Experts Say Oklahoma’s Opioid Plan Does Little to Expand Treatment

Drug overdose deaths in Oklahoma increased 91 percent over the last decade and a half, prompting the state to form a task force charged with a daunting goal: Brainstorm a plan to guide the state out of an opioid epidemic that kills three Oklahomans nearly every day. The Commission on Opioid Abuse released its final [...]

How Increasing The Minimum Wage Could Lead To Healthier Babies

Baby Jacob weighs 7.14 pounds - some infants aren't as lucky.

Jacob is just a few hours old when registered nurse Amy Burnett begins one of the simplest measurements to tell if a newborn is healthy — their weight. “You want to make sure that they are naked, they have no diaper, and you bring him to the scale,” she says as she removes his tiny [...]

Q&A: A Look Ahead At The Stories StateImpact Is Following Into The New Year

StateImpact reporters preview the key health, education, energy and environment issues they'll be tracking in 2018.

Twenty-seventeen is wrapping up, but the growing group of reporters at StateImpact are following many important government policy issues that will carry on into the new year. Senior Reporter and Managing Editor Joe Wertz brought the StateImpact team into the studio for a preview of their coverage in the year to come. Here are some [...]

Feds Now Investigating Oklahoma State Department of Health

Interim Health Commissioner Preston Doerflinger.

The Oklahoma Attorney General’s office on Tuesday said a probe into alleged mismanagement of roughly $30 million from the Oklahoma State Department of Health has expanded to include investigators from the FBI and the  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Budget Uncertainty Leaves Seniors and Oklahomans With Disabilities In Limbo

Lori Taylor reads the second letter she received from the state Department of Human Services informing her that her Medicaid waiver program will be funded temporarily.

After her divorce, Lori Taylor wanted a home all her own. She moved back to Oklahoma to be near her aging parents, but she had a problem. For years her personal caregiver had been her now ex-husband. “I have cerebral palsy and that’s brain damage that I incurred at birth, and it affects my motor [...]

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