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WahZhaZhe, Tsalagi, Español. No matter the language, Covid creates challenges for immersion learning in Oklahoma

Oklahoma language immersion schools face unique challenges because of the pandemic
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Oklahoma health officials choose rapid coronavirus vaccination over rigid phase model

Deputy Commissioner of Health Keith Reed says allowing phases to overlap means vaccinating Oklahomans more quickly, which fights community transmission and paves the way for larger vaccine supply shipments.

StateImpact reporters reflect on eventful 2020

How will the events of last year continue to shape 2021?
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Protecting Oklahoma Alzheimer’s patients from the coronavirus comes at a price

These patients are some of the highest risk, but also the hardest hit by seclusion.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Oklahoma health officials plan to enter agreement with nonprofit for Public Health Lab management

The State Department of Health plans to bring in a new Oklahoma State University-linked nonprofit to manage the new facility in Stillwater

As Oklahoma’s syphilis rate among women increases, cases in babies grow with it

Nationally, cases of congenital syphilis nearly tripled from 2014 to 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Oklahoma medical experts tackle state’s ‘mixed messages’ on coronavirus

Members of the Healthier Oklahoma Coalition want to communicate with the public directly on hospital and ICU capacity, worker shortages and more

“Almost impossible:” Oklahoma’s coronavirus surge has made ICU space hard to find

Rural and metro hospitals alike are struggling to find room for critical patients
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