An empty classroom.

Gautam Arora / Unsplash image

StateImpact is again tracking school closures amid the coronavirus pandemic

  • Robby Korth

Students and teachers came back to school across Oklahoma in early January.

But so did the coronavirus.

Omicron is hitting schools hard as many have started this week.

Tulsa Union Public Schools is pivoting to virtual learning for a day. District numbers reveal 19 classrooms don’t have available teachers there.

Multiple OKC charter schools have announced they’re switching over to virtual learning for two weeks because of transmission rates.

And rural districts dotted around the state have asked kids to go home or cancelled basketball games.

The coronavirus is surging in new ways. Case counts are skyrocketing and with less than half of school age children vaccinated in the state and few masking requirements, it’s unclear when the virus will slow down during the spring 2022 semester.

StateImpact is again tracking school closures due to the virus. If you know of a closure or pivot to distance learning not on the list below, contact reporter Robby Korth at