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Educators wary of political hopefuls promising school funding without tax increases

Educators have proven to be a powerful force throughout the primaries and a rising political outsider who opposes a key issue among many teachers is having trouble getting their support.


Educators see few benefits in ballot measure giving schools more financial flexibility

This November, Oklahomans will be asked to vote on State Question 801. This measure gives schools more flexibility in how they can spend their money, but many school leaders say that flexibility won’t improve their financial situation.


Why some Oklahoma schools are shifting the way they respond to students’ bad behavior

Fifty-four percent of Oklahoma children reported at least one Adverse Childhood Experience, the second highest rate in the country.


Education and tax vote winning and costing Oklahoma candidates elections

When teachers and school administrators filed for political office in the 2018 election, most were not shy about supporting the first tax increase in nearly three decades, even though it’s a progressive political message in a deeply conservative state. But one teacher won her primary, and beat an incumbent who voted for the tax increase, on the opposite message.


Awakened by walkout, educators and parents organize to elect politicians that support their vision for public schools

Many educators in Oklahoma say the teacher walkout awakened them to the importance of staying informed, and voting. Now, these teachers, principals and school officials are not only working to educate themselves, but are also organizing into groups with the goal of enacting widespread political change.


Anxiety about teacher pay-raises grows as tax repeal effort builds and legal questions mount

This past legislative session lawmakers passed a $430 million tax package in order to fund teacher pay raises. Now a group called Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite is working to overturn the tax increases. This has created a lot of uncertainty for school leaders who now wonder if they’ll be able to afford the teacher raises they fought so hard for.


The effort to overturn funding for teacher pay-raises explained

An anti-tax group is circulating a petition to overturn new state taxes, but multiple education groups have challenged the petition, saying it is unconstitutional.


Galvanized by walkout, Oklahoma teachers enter crowded election year with promises to prioritize schools

At least 80 teachers are running for office in 2018.
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