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Other State Workers Feel Ignored As Teacher Walkout Continues

Jason Page and Paul Mullaney inside the state Capitol on Tuesday.

The Oklahoma teacher walkout and educators’ demands for more school funding dominates the news. It’s unclear if lawmakers are willing to meet those demands and quell daily protests. One lingering question: If schools get more money, what happens to other state agencies and workers who need funding, too?

During Walkout Oklahoma City Police Lookout For Schools

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Jeff Crawford walks into the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County on Monday.

Police Sgt. Jeff Crawford is breaking his routine. He’s leaving the office and climbing into his squad car because Oklahoma City Public Schools teachers and supporters are rallying at the state Capitol to demand more school funding. Crawford is a school resource officer who normally works out of Douglass Mid-High School. He has left his [...]

House Passes Bill To Raise Teacher Pay, Union Says “April 2 is still on”

In a late-night attempt to stave off a statewide teacher walkout, the Oklahoma House passed a series of bills that gives teachers a $5,000 to $7,000 raise – depending on their experience. The package of bills also raises pay for school support staff and state employees, however it’s not clear if the legislation – as written – [...]

Ready To Walk Out: Oklahoma Teachers Say Enough Is Enough

Oklahoma teachers rallied for a $5,000 pay raise at the Capitol on February 12, 2018.

Many Oklahoma educators are fed up with state lawmakers who have promised teacher pay raises for years but have failed to actually deliver. At their wits end, these teachers are now planning to walk out of their classrooms to push legislators to act.

Oklahoma Teachers Union To Announce Plan For Statewide Walkout

Oklahoma teachers rallied in support of the Step Up Oklahoma plan on February 12, 2018. The plan would have provided $5,000 teacher pay raises, but failed in the House.

The state’s largest teachers union, the Oklahoma Education Association, says they will announce the details of a statewide teacher walkout on Thursday. Alicia Priest, the president of the OEA, says years of failed attempts by the legislature to increase education funding and teacher pay have forced the organization to consider the walkout.

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