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How the University of Oklahoma moved its classes online

The university changed all of its in-person classes to online to fight the spread of COVID-19

Oklahoma wants to ramp up universities’ COVID-19 testing, but lack of supplies stands in the way

A national shortage of supplies will limit testing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma schools will close for rest of semester, moving classes online

Wednesday meeting lays out plan districts must take up to move to distance education.

Oklahoma schools and jails brace for the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread

Oklahoma schools and county jails are looking for ways to keep the coronavirus pandemic at bay.

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Oklahoma schools to be closed for two weeks after Spring Break

After saying it would be up to school districts to make closure calls last week, state reverses to enforce massive closings

Loosening gun regulations may put more firearms in Oklahoma classrooms

A bill considered by the state legislature would change training requirements for armed teachers, paving the way for more guns in schools

Oklahoma colleges get creative to support mental health treatment as need grows

With 80 percent of college students reporting anxiety or depression, schools have to find a way to help students

$13 million in limbo while Stitt, tribes battle

Compacted tribes are sending their gaming money to the state of Oklahoma where it will be held while courts decide on tribal-gaming compacts.
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How Oklahoma’s identification of gifted Native students could serve as a national model

Most states don't discover gifted Native American students but Oklahoma has been able to buck that trend.
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