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Governor Stitt replaces state education board member with Enid mask opponent

Masking opponent will take the place of mask mandate proponent on board

Oklahoma leaders tout Mustang quarantine experiment

20 students will participate in pilot program at Mustang High School

Oklahoma schools are starting to defy CDC quarantine rules

Some school leaders believe those rules are too restrictive and say masking should limit quarantines

Masking rules a patchwork in Oklahoma schools

Though a majority of districts require masks in some places, policies remains inconsistent

State superintendent says she would have implemented Oklahoma schools masking mandate ‘a long time ago’

Joy Hofmeister urges all districts to create mandatory mask policies if state board won't

Oklahoma’s State Board of Education begs local school leaders to mandate masks

Board talks about issues in 10-hour meeting board addressing masking, Epic 

Oklahoma Engaged: Voters rejected State Question 814 and put Medicaid expansion funding on lawmakers

Legislative leaders say they have few options, and cuts to traditional Medicaid or education could be on the way

Oklahoma teenagers want their voices heard to make the world ‘a better place’

Oklahoma Engaged reporters and Generation Citizen teamed up to figure out how students felt about election issues
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Fewer Oklahoma educators running for legislative offices

But interest in education issues remains high, advocates say
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