Oklahoma judge shaves $107 million off opioid decision against Johnson & Johnson

District Judge Thad Balkman clarified an earlier ruling against Johnson & Johnson, saying the drugmaker must pay $465 million dollars – not the $572 million he had originally ordered.


Life after being released in Oklahoma’s record commutation

After being released in the nation’s largest commutation on record, one man is picking up the pieces of his life. Warren Rawls wants to give up criminal life and find a job, and be a father to his children. It’s his sixth time leaving prison and he’s determined it will be his last.


Oklahoma state regents seek funding increase for higher education

Oklahoma’s higher education leaders are asking the state legislature for $125 million. In the previous decade state lawmakers have slashed the higher ed budget by $265 million.


How Oklahoma’s new health laws will affect you, from short-term health policies to eye clinics

At the beginning of November, hundreds of new laws took effect in Oklahoma, including a big change to short-term health policies and new locations for eye clinics.


People with disabilities unsheltered in tornado alley

Despite experiencing some of the most severe weather events in the nation, there are no state laws requiring storm shelters in Oklahoma. Public shelters have largely been closed leaving people with disabilities without a safe option during storms.




A Disastrous Disconnect

Kentucky is among the states blocking climate action. As weather gets more extreme, its residents — and U.S. taxpayers — are paying a price.

As Oklahoma’s permitless carry law looms, Kansas may tell us what to expect

Some Oklahomans are afraid a new law that allows most adults to carry guns in public will be a public safety disaster. But, one sheriff from Oklahoma’s northern neighbor Kansas, says a similar law hasn’t been a problem for his state.


Judge makes $107 million math error in Oklahoma’s opioid verdict

A judge in Oklahoma admitted to making a $107 million math error in his verdict in the state’s opioid case.


Disagreements leave new Oklahoma criminal justice program in limbo

A pretrial release program helped Rogers County decrease its jail population, but the program had to shutdown after disagreements over who to release led the staff to quit.

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