Raising the kindergarten age in Oklahoma may leave some children out

A controversial proposal in the Oklahoma state legislature would delay the age kids would be eligible to start kindergarten and put Oklahoma on-trend with dozens of other states. But some childhood experts say the trend may not serve Oklahoma kids well.


Medical boards lack process for opioid complaints

The ongoing court case against opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson highlighted the role that doctors, and the medical boards who regulate them, have played in the continuing public health crisis. 


Voters ask Legislature for more action on criminal justice reform

Legislators concluded this year’s session after only passing one reform bill that could directly affect the size of the state’s prison population, but experts aren’t sure how much. Three Oklahoma voters said they want to see more progress.


State officials: Impossible to track Epic’s alleged ‘ghost students’

With Epic Charter Schools under scrutiny by state and federal law enforcement, will regulators move to close the loophole the school seems to be taking advantage of?


Pain meds as public nuisance? Oklahoma tests a legal strategy against opioid maker Johnson & Johnson

The first lawsuit in the country seeking to hold a pharmaceutical company responsible for the opioid crisis is currently awaiting a verdict in Oklahoma state court.




Feds may claw back millions from Oklahoma’s opioid settlement

When states recover penalties in Medicaid fraud cases, it is common for them to reimburse federal agencies for their share. But Oklahoma doesn’t have the money.


Oklahoma dams near expiration dates as scientists predict more extreme weather

At least 30 percent of Oklahoma dams are at the end of their 50-year design life. With climate change expected to bring an increase in heavy precipitation, can they hold up?


In Oklahoma, lawsuit options limited when prisoners claim constitutional rights violations

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the Legislature has authority to block lawsuits against governments operating jails and detention centers. The ruling follows legal actions spawned after an Oklahoma man was badly beaten in a county jail.


Johnson & Johnson profited from both sides of opioid crisis, says epidemic expert

The first case in a flood of civil litigation against opioid drug manufacturers is in its third week. Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter’s suit alleges Johnson & Johnson, the nation’s largest drugmaker, helped ignite a public health crisis that has killed thousands of state residents.

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