Years after charter school divided rural community, some see broken promises while others note academic progress

Two years ago the Oklahoma State Board of Education exercised its authority to approve a rural charter school for the first time. This decision was a contentious one. By approving the charter’s application, the state board had overturned a local board’s decision to deny it, leaving some wondering who’s really in control.


State investigators say sexual assault kit tracking system will aid investigations, inform victims

A state agency is preparing to launch a website next month to keep tabs on forensic evidence collected after a sexual assault. A Democratic lawmaker has also proposed legislation regulating how the system should be used.


Winter storms to heat waves, how better climate data can make us more prepared

Scientists are getting better data on the earth’s changing climate. Now there’s a push to use the information stream to help us cope with the extremes we know are coming. One leader in this is Oklahoma.


Bills aim to add training on consent to patchwork of sex education in Oklahoma schools

Oklahoma has the third highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation and studies have shown that comprehensive sex education can help. Two bills filed in the state legislature could widen the optional curriculum without changing sex education.


Legislators launch bipartisan effort to make State Question 780 retroactive

State Question 780 reclassified drug possession and other felonies often associated with addiction as misdemeanors.




Decline in school arts programs follows funding drop, but cuts aren’t equally felt

In 2018, nearly 30 percent of Oklahoma students went to a school with no music, dance or visual art education.


Prosecutors and court officials disagree on reason for downturn in drug court participation

Drug court participation dropped after passage of a controversial state question in 2016. District attorneys and some court officials disagree whether the new law is to blame for the decrease.


Group readies endangered species lawsuit to block OKC from pumping water out of river

The Kiamichi River Legacy Association sent a required 60-day notice to city, state, federal and tribal governments that it intends to sue if corrections aren’t made.


Oklahoma City says it will take action if federal investigation finds recovery program broke any laws

Attorneys for the city met this week to discuss the Firstep men’s and women’s recovery program in response to a joint investigation by StateImpact Oklahoma and The Frontier.


A preview of the big issues StateImpact is watching in 2019

Here’s a roundup of some of the biggest policy issues on deck for the upcoming year and legislative session.

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