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Navy Admiral Calls Portsmouth Naval Shipyard A “Critical” Installation

With continued talk of pruning the Pentagon’s budget, the military has told Congress it plans to save money by starting a new round of base realignment and closure, or BRAC.  The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard was spared during the last BRAC round in 2005.  Still, the senate delegations from Maine and New Hampshire have been vocal […]

Reselling Illegal NH Booze Hurts Maine’s Bottom Line

One of the signatures of New Hampshire’s Liquor Commission is its determination to compete with other states by offering low-price and sales-tax-free booze in convenient border locations.  And revenue reports bear out this approach. Most often, we hear about heavy cross-border traffic from Massachusetts–after all, there’s a good reason why so many of the top-selling […]

Report: NH Barely Passes On Government Spending Transparency

New Hampshire has a long history of frugality.  And with the current crop of spending hawks in the legislature, that sense of thrift has only intensified. But you’ll have a hard time if you want to keep tabs on state spending online. That’s according to “Following The Money 2012,” a report published by the clunky-titled […]

How NH’s Manufacturing Sector Stacks Up To Its Neighbors’

Recently, the White House has had manufacturing on the brain.  From the State of the Union address to Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Albany Engineered Composites in Rochester, the Obama administration has been pushing its plan to create more jobs in the manufacturing sector. This renewed focus got us thinking about what New […]

How Defense Cuts Hurt New England Lobstermen–And Maybe Even Lowered Lobster Prices

Late last week, we posted a cool infographic, courtesy of the journalists at Stateline, taking a look at the percentage of each state’s GDP that’s made up by federal spending.  The group then subdivided federal spending into defense-related spending and everything else. All told, about 5 percent of the Granite State’s GDP comes from the […]

New England Carries Some Of The Country’s Heaviest Student Loan Debt

Recently, we’ve been looking into student debt in New Hampshire.  (You can read the initial posts here and here.)  As the Project on Student Debt reports, the Class of 2010 took on a record amount of loans–an average of $25,250 nationally. And the newly-graduated in New Hampshire took on the heaviest burden in the country, […]

Laconia Sees Boom In Vacation Home Market

Here at StateImpact, we’re interested in how second homes contribute to New Hampshire’s economy.  With ten percent of the state’s housing stock made up of vacation homes, only two other states have a higher proportion secondary homes–Maine and Vermont. As part of a series last summer on how the vacation home economy works in the […]

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