Are YOU Better Off Than Four Years Ago? How Do You Know?

Are you better off than you were four years ago? We hope you’ll read our blogpost and check out this sweet infographic on the subject.  But really, we want to hear from you.

What metric would you use to decide if you’re better off? Job security? Your mood? Your home’s value, or something else? 

Let us know here, by leaving a comment, or by sending us a tweet: @StateImpactNH. Facebook works too!


  • LFB

    Historically, home building was a measure of economic strength, but when you’re building faster than people can buy (*cough*cough*housing bubble*cough*) the statistics are going to be skewed for a while, even if the economy is recovering. You can’t use home construction to measure how well the economy is rebounding right now.
    Whether or not a president has a huge impact on economic growth is another thing. You only need to talk to a political scientist (any) to learn that the presidential role in economy building is not as large as many seem to assume.

  • nhfisherman

    Its pure insanity to ban a income tax or sales tax in new hampshire. I am paying property taxes and would welcome a sales or income tax just to keep my property taxes from getting any worse than they already are.
    Lets all ban Alcohol instead, or cigarettes. Perhaps ban Casino’s or Pornography.

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