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Drink Coasters 2.0: Seacoast Startup Puts Ads In A New Place

By turning drink coasters into local advertising space, a self-described “coaster fiend” and her three friends are trying to promote local businesses, support charities – and create local jobs while they’re at it. Here’s how it works: LocalCoaster sells low-cost advertising to local shops like The RiverRun Bookstore on one side of a coaster. On the […]

Medicaid Expansion Or No, State Will See Increased Costs, Study Says

The Affordable Care Act will make it easier for eligible patients to sign up for Medicaid, which will swell the ranks of Medicaid recipients whether or not states opt to expand eligibility to more individuals, according to a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. This will increase Medicaid costs even for states that do […]

New Hampshire Ranked As “Most Expensive State To Raise Children”

In an article for The Fiscal Times, reporter Steve Yoder calculated the cost of raising children by state, using the following: Average yearly cost of full-time child care Average yearly housing cost Average in-state tuition and fees at public university Average yearly food costs by region

The Case To End Software Patents

At the beginning of November, the University of New Hampshire School of Law officially designated its library as the “New Hampshire Patent and Trademark Resource Center.” The hope is for the center to “promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship,” says David Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property, and Director of the United […]

UNH Study: Post-Recession Underemployment Remains High

This piece was reported by contributor Brian Wallstin New research by the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute sheds light on why millions of Americans might view the economic recovery as more illusion than reality. In the aftermath of the 2007-2009 recession, the number of part-time workers in search of full-time jobs  — a category […]

Good News On Income Disparity In N.H May be Short-Lived

Note: This story was reported by contributor Brian Wallstin Few trends are as worrisome to economists than the growing disparity between the rich and everyone else. The incomes of the wealthiest Americans have been rising dramatically since the 1970s, while wage gains among the poor and middle-class have stagnated. Before the recession, however, low- and […]

N.H. Exit Polls: High Earners Went For Romney, Economic Optimists For Obama

According to this New York Times exit polls interactive, Granite Staters… Who earn over $100,000 voted for Governor Romney by a margin of 3 percent. Those who earn less than $100,000 preferred President Obama. Who are feeling good about the economy voted for President Obama; those feeling poorly about the economy voted for Governor Romney. […]

Is Being A Swing State Good For N.H.’s GDP?

As election season in this swing state draws to a close, we ask: What effect does New Hampshire’s status as a swing state have on the state’s economy? Economist Brian Gottlob says that the short, high-profile events of the general election can be costly for the cities that host them, and they don’t add much […]

It’s All A Wash: Hurricane Sandy And The Broken Window Fallacy

Hurricane Sandy has brought commerce to a halt across a geographic area worth $10 billion annually in economic activity. Will it help the economy, or hurt it? Some economists will say hurricanes like Sandy produce enough economic activity to create a net gain. But they may not be taking into consideration what is known as […]

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