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Tech Company Lures Recruits With Farm-To-Table Cafe

Four dollars. That is what employees at Dyn have to pay for a breakfast burrito made with bacon smoked in North Country, peppers grown in Chester, and a host of other local ingredients.  That is, if they mosey across the street from their offices to the Dyn Cafe – an at-cost farm-to-table operation that Dyn […]

Getting By, Getting Ahead: Start-Up Entrepreneur Brings High-Tech Talent To Rural N.H.

As part of our weekly “Getting By, Getting Ahead” series, StateImpact is traveling across New Hampshire, gathering personal stories from the people behind the economy.  In our third installment, we visit a biotech start-up in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region. _____ Deep inside a nondescript business park in Lebanon, a blocky, industrial building is getting a […]

Occupational Desegregation Declines! STEM, STEM, STEM.

The National Bureau of Economic Research just published a working paper titled “Trends In Occupational Segregation by Gender, 1970-2009.” Here are some key takeaways: Since about 1970, more and more women have been moving into previously male-dominated jobs. This — not so surprising. What is surprising, for me at least, is the fact that the […]

Three Reasons Why It’s Boom Time For NH Manufacturers

Although tourism is something of a signature industry for New Hampshire, the largest sector of the state’s economy–by far–is advanced manufacturing.  So-called “SMHT” (Smart Manufacturing/High Technology). Looking back on the exodus of shoe and textile factories, the slow death of the wood products industry, and the decline of high-tech in the 1990’s, you’d be forgiven […]

Five Reasons Why Angel Investors (Think “Shark Tank”) Matter To The Economy

If you’ve watched “Shark Tank” on ABC (or its British forbear “Dragon’s Den” on BBC in America), you’ve seen, to some extent, angel investors in action.  Underneath the high-gloss of ratings-driven reality TV, you can catch a glimpse of this opaque, mysterious investment market.  As Colleen Debaise of the Wall Street Journal explains, angel investments […]

Women Investors More Likely To Take Risks Than Originally Thought

Here’s an interesting tidbit on investor behavior courtesy of the University of New Hampshire’s Center for Venture Research:  Apparently, women angel investors are less likely to act like women investors when they’re working with more women. In other words, women are more likely to live up to the stereotype of the cautious female investor when they’re […]

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