New Hampshire Infrastructure Outperforms Other States With C+ Grade

The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the United States a D+ grade for infrastructure quality in a four-year report card released today. ASCE also estimates the nation needs $3.6 trillion in investment by 2020 to repair our infrastructure. The country’s solid waste infrastructure did best with a B- grade; inland waterways and levees came in last, receiving a D- grade.

Check out the ASCE’s extensive interactive report.

The ASCE released a report on New Hampshire in 2011. Based on that report, New Hampshire is performing below the rest of the nation when it comes to our bridges; railroads; and solid waste management. The good news is that we’re slightly above the national average on all other metrics.

The state’s overall grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers is C+.

Want details on the state of New Hampshire’s infrastructure? Check out our recent roads series.



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