Gov. Hassan Creates Revenue Estimating Panel By Executive Order


Governor Hassan has issued an executive order creating a panel of experts to advise her on state revenue projections. Once a budget is adopted by the legislature, the panel will meet regularly to review revenue estimates, and share those estimates with legislators.

Earlier this month, the state’s Legislative Budget Assistant Jeffry Pattison told us why predicting revenues for a biennial budget can be difficult.

Considering you’re going to be sitting here in January, 2013 projecting what kind of money is going to be coming in in April, May and June of 2015… you have wars, you have a fiscal cliff, you have all these potential things that could happen. You can’t account for those extenuating circumstances.

Nevertheless, New Hampshire ended 2012 within one half of one percent of the state’s projected budget.

The Governor’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Panel will be chaired by Gerard Murphy, the Governor’s Budget Director.

The members are:
Linda Hodgdon, Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services (or designee)
Kevin Clougherty, Commissioner of the Department of Revenue Administration (or designee)
Richard Samuels, a director of the New Hampshire Business and Industry Association and an attorney at McLane, Graf, Raulerson and Middleton
Dennis Delay, economist with the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy
Jeff McLynch, New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute
Ross Gittell, economist and Chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire


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