StateImpact New Hampshire’s Best of 2012

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It’s been a good year for StateImpact New Hampshire — NHPR hired a new news director and StateImpact reporter in May. As we move into the new year, we’re looking forward to focusing our efforts on a few key issues in the state, including what New Hampshire is and isn’t doing to recruit and train young workers. That’s part of our coverage of the economic headwinds New Hampshire is facing. So stay tuned!

Here are our top performing posts from 2012:

  1. Drive Ins Struggle At A Digital Crossroads
  2. What happens to drive ins when movie studios go digital?

  3. How Junk Mail Is Helping To Prop Up The Postal Service
  4. A Closer Look At Brewery Accidents After The Deadly Redhook Explosion
  5. An update on the explosion at Redhook Brewery killed a young employee, and a look at the precedent for workplace hazards among beer manufacturers.

  6. State Workers: Overpaid, Underpaid, Or Just Right?
  7. A look into the differing metrics used by partisan organizations to compare public vs. private employee compensation.

  8. Seven Takeaways From The Carsey Institute’s Report On Raising Wages For Home Care Workers
  9. After reporter Amanda Loder’s interactive map of the states with the best and worst wage laws for home health workers went viral, Amanda featured a report on the topic from the Carsey Institute.



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