Concord, N.H. Super-Strong Economy?

N.H.'s 6 Micropolitan Regions

Today, Concord, N.H. was ranked #1 micropolitan economy by the POLICOM Corporation, a Florida-based economic research firm.

POLICOM defines a micropolitan area as a contained economy consisting of a county or counties with a city of between 10,000 and 50,000 people.  Washington, D.C. came in first for metropolitan areas — or cities with more than 50,000 people.  StateImpact NH is based in Concord, and our first response was “really?!” 

The answer POLICOM’s president Bill Fruth gave me was a hesitant “yes.”  It turns out Concord and a few other New England counties are anomalous, in that they have very high populations spread out in the micropolitan region, surrounding a smaller city, like Concord.  Once you take that into account, Concord may not truly stack up as number one.

How do other New Hampshire towns compare? Take a look at Policom’s report, which was released earlier today.  How would you rank your town’s economy? Leave us a comment right here.


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