Bringing the Economy Home

Wind As Energy, Wind As Art

Sometimes, in reporting, you stumble across something that is just plain great.  Lately I’ve been focused on wind development, and this wind map is one of those awesome things I happened to find.  Go ahead: click on it.  You’ll see.

Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas

The live wind map is an art project, as the site explains.  It’s based on data from the National Digital Forecast Database, and it’s updated hourly.

My recent reporting has given me an excuse talk to landowners and lawyers and utility reps and folks at the Idaho Public Utility Commission.  Those are fascinating conversations, but it’s complex stuff.  That is to say: this mesmerizing, real-time representation of winds blowing all across the U.S. came as a breath of fresh air.  Pun intended.  Couldn’t resist.


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