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Idaho’s Energy Supply Isn’t So Clean After All

Idaho utilities and wind developers are squaring off over the wind industry’s future in the state, as StateImpact explained last month.  As part of that reporting, we’ve rolled out stories on Idaho’s electricity supply, including this one on in-state electricity sources. Hydroelectricity accounts for nearly 80 percent of in-state electricity generation, it shows.  While that’s […]

Pay Keeps Rising For Idaho Power CEO — And There’s A Reason

Idaho Power CEO J. LaMont Keen‘s base salary rose by 45 percent between 2006 and last year, compensation records show. Keen’s salary was $436,538 when he was appointed just over six years ago.  By 2011, it had risen to $634,423. “That’s a highly significant increase, especially in the years of recession,” said Harry Schum of […]

Why Idaho’s Electricity Is Cheaper Than The Rest of The Nation’s

Lately, we’ve covered the wind industry’s aggressive move into Idaho, and utilities’ attempts to rein in the industry’s expansion in the state. Related to that reporting, it’s worth taking a look at the big picture of electricity generation in Idaho.  With that in mind, we posted this map last week.  Now, let’s size it up […]

Wind As Energy, Wind As Art

Sometimes, in reporting, you stumble across something that is just plain great.  Lately I’ve been focused on wind development, and this wind map is one of those awesome things I happened to find.  Go ahead: click on it.  You’ll see. The live wind map is an art project, as the site explains.  It’s based on […]

Map: Where Idaho’s Energy Comes From

Courtesy: Northwest Power and Conservation Council Most of us don’t think about where the electricity that powers our lights, televisions, computers, phones — our lives — comes from.  And if we wanted to find out, how many of us would know where to start? Search no more.  Thanks to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, […]

After The Wind Boom, A Fight Over Idaho’s Energy Future

If you look at a map of where wind development has taken off in Idaho, you’ll notice an area near American Falls. There, in the rolling agricultural land of southeast Idaho, Edith Kopp stands on a high hillside.  She gazes out with satisfaction at more than a dozen turbines, turning steadily. “This is a pretty […]

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