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Map: Where Idaho’s Energy Comes From

Courtesy: Northwest Power and Conservation Council

Most of us don’t think about where the electricity that powers our lights, televisions, computers, phones — our lives — comes from.  And if we wanted to find out, how many of us would know where to start?

Search no more.  Thanks to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, there’s a map for that.  The projects are color-coded, as you can see.  Light blue is for wind, dark blue is for hydro, yellow is natural gas, green is biomass, red is coal, and white is for geothermal generation.

To be clear: some of the electricity Idahoans use is generated out of state.  For example, Idaho Power has three coal-fired power plants, all of which are in neighboring states.  If you’re curious about generation in Idaho, though, this map has you covered.

To see a map of power generation across the Northwest, click here.


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