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What We’re Reading: “How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed”

Nearly one-fifth of the total post-recession job growth falls into the temporary worker category. That’s according to an in-depth investigation by ProPublica. Their article dubbed, “The Expendables”, takes a closer look at where temp jobs are on the rise, what’s causing the increase, and how temp work affects those jobholders. Across America, temporary work has […]

Jobless In Idaho: Landing A Career After Two Years On The Hunt

Two years, several temporary jobs, 15 interviews, and countless applications later, Justy Thomas has landed a permanent job. “I feel blessed I have a stable job,” she says. Thomas is now working in the human resources department of a local utility company. We first introduced you to Justy Thomas in November 2011. She’s been part […]

Idaho’s Underemployment Rate Drops, But It’s Still Well Above Pre-Recession Levels

The number of Idahoans who don’t have enough work declined between 2011 and 2012, but the state’s underemployment rate is still well above pre-recession levels. The Idaho Department of Labor writes in its latest newsletter the 2012 underemployment rate was 16.9 percent. That means nearly 17 percent of Idaho’s workforce had part-time or temporary jobs […]

Is Idaho A Good Place To Be Unemployed? Yes, Says Bloomberg

Idaho is one of the best states to be without a job. That’s according to government data analyzed by Bloomberg. The online business news site says it considered average unemployment insurance benefits as a percentage of average per capita income, the jobless rate, wealth disparity, and the ratio of households earning at least $200,000 to […]

Federal Sequester Turns Idaho Employment Workers Into Job Seekers

In the next couple of months, many employment office workers in the northwest will join the unemployed. State labor agencies are having to make cutbacks in staffing. It’s due to a combination of the economy getting better and federal budget cuts known as the “sequester” setting in. Staffing at the local employment office usually moves […]

‘Til We Meet Again

Today is my last at StateImpact Idaho. After better than four years spent reporting in the West, next month I’ll make good on a longtime goal. I’ll take a couple of months away from reporting for intensive Spanish study in Central America, something that will benefit my work in the future. There are many things […]

Bottom Rung: Why One Idaho Border Business Chose Washington

The border between Washington and Idaho is like a petri dish for what the minimum wage does to the economy. That’s where two extremes meet. Idaho has the federal minimum wage: $7.25 an hour. Meanwhile, Washington’s is nearly $2 more. At $9.19, Washington has the highest minimum wage in the nation. You might expect that […]

Familiar Idaho Careers Fall On 2013 Worst Jobs List

The Wall Street Journal and came out with the top jobs of 2013 list this week. They ranked 200 jobs based on things like income, stress and hiring outlook. The top job, according to their list, is an actuary. So, what’s an actuary? We didn’t know either. “Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk […]

Some Idahoans Will See Their Jobless Benefits Cut

Some Idahoans receiving unemployment insurance payments will see their benefits cut by more than 10 percent. The Idaho Department of Labor says the federal budget cuts, called “sequestration,” that went into effect at the beginning of this month triggered a 10.7 percent reduction in those unemployment benefits. Unless Congress acts, the benefit payment cuts could […]

Idaho’s Jobless Rate Ticks Down As The Labor Force Shrinks

The February jobs report from the Idaho Department of Labor follows trends we’ve seen over the last few months. February’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate ticked down one percentage point to 6.2 percent, but that decline is due to a shrinking workforce. The Labor Department says private sector employers hired more people than usual last month, […]

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