Putting Education Reform To The Test

Ohio Keeps Collective Bargaining Rights; Will Florida Do the Same?


Ohio voters have rejected a law that significantly weakened the collective bargaining power of more than 350-thousand public employees, including teachers. The bill was signed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich last spring.

Opponents immediately launched a campaign to overturn the law through a ballot referendum that became known as Issue 2. They were successful, with 61.3 percent of the votes in favor of tossing the law. The group behind the effort spent three times as much money as their opponents.

What are the chances of a similar law being passed in Florida? Earlier this year, Governor Rick Scott said he wanted to get rid of collective bargaining, but doing so would involve changing the state constitution with more than 60 percent voter approval. It doesn’t mean the idea is going away, though. Patricia Levesque with the Foundation for Florida’s Future, an education reform advocacy group, said last summer that “we’ll tackle collective bargaining next year.”

Florida did make some changes this year that were frowned upon by the unions and even challenged in court. State employees are now required to contribute three percent of their salary to a retirement account. New teachers no longer have access to tenure, and all teachers are now subject to a merit pay system.

As the Florida Education Association wages these court battles, it has been paying attention to Ohio. The FEA joined union groups across the U.S. that worked to defeat what it called an attack on workers’ rights.


  • Jan

    I did not get an email yet & I tried 2 x.

  • Jan

    Collective Bargaining funds Marxism.
    In ’38, Socialists & Communists joined the Dem’s in mass, got power & began Fabian Socialism (slow Marxism, from England) :JT Flynn, The Road Ahead. (Who runs NATO?)
    There are 7 signs of “Marxism In America” video by Boykin.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0wmw8zw2LA
    Big unions (AFL-CIO, NEA & SEIU) are led by communists. Get involved in union elections & replace them.
    marklevinshow.com (months ago). The AFSCME is communist too. Google it. See for yourself.
    Unions fill  their members with propaganda, and tell them how to vote.
    We got Obama elected in industrial states like PA & OH that BO couldn’t win in ’08 primaries. :Ex SEIU Pres Andrew Stern, 11/09/08, Reuters. He’s a communist.
    Gov’t union workers get 2 x what a private sector worker would - plus a lifetime pension. rushlimbaugh.com 
    Big Ohio Vote, Nov 07, 2011.
    The unions are buying members votes, but they are also generous because:
    Union dues go to union bosses who also support Dem’s (usually) fund election campaigns. Dem’s give unions  laws they want :Stranglehold. How Union Bosses Have HIJACKED Our Gov’t.  Free  nrtw.org/stranglehold-0
    Unions got car companies. BHO appointed 2 union guys to the NLRB. Card check is coming, etc.
    If you have a 401K, private pension, Mutual Funds, bonds etc. you with aprx $200 000 are RICH. Its not abt millionaires. And, Dem’s want it! :marklevinshow.com 10/21. (They’ve already had hearings on it).
    Dem’s can’t vote themselves money, but much of CB comes back to them. And, that’s why Conservative Talk Radio calls it Money Laundering.

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