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Some Of Our Favorite Thoughts On What #TeachingIs

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers are leading a social media campaign called #TeachingIs. The goal is to push back against the idea that teachers are glorified baby-sitters and share what the job is really like. Here are some of our favorite #TeachingIs tweets.

Feedback Loop: What Readers Think Of Common Core Standards

All week we’ve been posting answers from teachers to three questions about the Common Core State Standards (Part 1 is here, part 2 is here, part 3 is here and a superintendent is here). One criticism we’ve received from readers is that no teacher is going to bash the standards or training they received if […]

New Yorkers Sound Off On New State Exams

A professor at Teacher’s College, Columbia University has set up a website to allow New York students, parents and educators to post comments about the new state English language arts test. The tests are now tied to Common Core education standards adopted by 45 states — including Florida. New York students have been taking the […]

How Teachers Are Creating New Lessons For Common Core State Standards

Editor’s note: Reporter Martha Dalton with NPR affiliate WABE-FM in Atlanta contributed to this report. “The story was about a gingerbread man getting loose in the school.” Kindergarteners in Katherine Kenton’s class at Tallahassee’s Gilchrist Elementary School are learning to read using the new Common Core standards. The students have to show they understand what […]

Five Questions For A Florida Teacher Who Supports Mitt Romney

We’ve heard a lot from educators who support Democratic President Barack Obama for reelection. The National Education Association has endorsed Obama. But there are plenty of teachers who support his Republican challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney. According to EdVotes.org, about 40 percent of Florida Education Association (FEA) members and at least 25 percent of NEA members […]

Why Florida Schools Struggle to Hire Teachers By The Start Of School

Schools have been open for a couple of weeks across much of Florida, but not all of the students know who their teachers are yet. There’s typically a lot of teacher turnover during the summer break, and schools can’t always get vacant teaching positions filled by the time school starts. At DeSoto County High School […]

The Earlier Schools Hire, The Better Teachers They Get

When JP Taravela High school went into the summer break, there were 16 teacher vacancies — three resigned or relocated, 13 retired. Over the summer, five more teachers resigned, according to the school’s principal Shawn Cerra. “I lost four out of the five to the virtual world,” he said. The Broward County teachers left the […]

How Common Core Will Change Classroom Approaches

Raise your hand if you could use a little extra help explaining the new Common Core State Standards Florida schools will implement in 2014? We’ve got our hand up too. Robert Rothman bullet points the ways Common Core will affect classrooms in this month’s Harvard Education Letter. Here’s a few key changes:

Merit Pay At The Top Of Florida Teachers’ Concerns

What if you threw a party, but no one who was invited appreciated your hospitality? That’s what happened with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which recently sponsored a teacher town hall meeting as part of the American Graduate project. A group of Hillsborough County teachers boarded a bus to Jacksonville for the event. The […]

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