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Feedback Loop: A Change of Heart Over Collective Bargaining

Based on November’s voter turnout in Ohio, it’s no surprise readers were ready to respond to our story this week that Florida leaders likely won’t initiate a collective bargaining fight in Florida this year (despite past statements to the contrary). On Facebook, Angela Howard said there’s little advantage to collective bargaining anyway: I don’t understand […]

Why Florida Is Not Likely to Pick A Fight With Unions This Year

What a difference an election can make. Last year Legislatures across the country — buoyed by a Tea Party sweep in 2010 elections — challenged teachers and other public employee unions over their ability to collectively bargain pay and other benefits. Florida Gov. Rick Scott wanted to limit collective bargaining in his initial 20-page education plan. […]

11 for 2011: The Best Of StateImpact Florida

This was a good year for us at StateImpact Florida. We launched six months ago with the mission of becoming Florida’s source for education news and analysis brought to you by NPR and WUSF in Tampa, WLRN in Miami, and WJCT in Jacksonville. We had a few successes and learned a few lessons along the […]

Ohio Keeps Collective Bargaining Rights; Will Florida Do the Same?

Ohio voters have rejected a law that significantly weakened the collective bargaining power of more than 350-thousand public employees, including teachers. The bill was signed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich last spring. Opponents immediately launched a campaign to overturn the law through a ballot referendum that became known as Issue 2. They were successful, with […]

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