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Merit pay; eliminating tenure; new teacher evaluations — how are school, district and state policies affecting how educators and their students perform?

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Essay: How To Teach Brown V. Board To A Class Of All Black Students

Here’s a question: How do you teach a class of all black students in an all black school that Brown v. Board of Education ended segregation decades ago? That isn’t a hypothetical question, but one I remember clearly asking myself. I was teaching American History for the first time in one of our nation’s many [...]

The Sunshine Economy: Common Challenges, Changing Classrooms

Our partners at WLRN put together a special education hour of the Sunshine Economy this week. The conversation ranged from a talk with Broward County’s superintendent about Common Core to a chat with a group of high school students about diversity in the classroom: In this edition of The Sunshine Economy: The school year may [...]

Duval, Orange Teachers Miss More Days Than Average, Study Finds

The average teacher missed 11 days of school in 2012-2013, according to a new study.

More than two-thirds of Duval County teachers were “frequently absent” or worse during the 2012-2013 school year, according to a new study by the National Center for Teaching Quality. Nearly half of teachers in Orange County schools missed at least 11 days of school — which NCTQ says is “frequently absent” — while 30 percent [...]

Why Investors Are Going Back To School

The exhibit hall at FETC, an annual education technology conference in Orlando.

Marketplace, the daily business news show from American Public Media, is launching a new series on education technology. The U.S. education market is worth $2 trillion, Adriene Hill reports. The first story takes a look at where venture capitalists are spending their money. Some are investing in projects like Remind101, which lets teachers send out [...]

60 Years After Brown, Reflections On Desegregation In Florida

Brown v. Board of Education—the Supreme Court decision declaring segregated schools are inherently unequal—turns 60 years old this weekend. Earlier this week, we brought you memories from students and teachers who were there in the early days of desegregation. And now, with decades of perspective, here are some of their reflections on the legacy of Brown: Mamie [...]

Two New Studies Find Problems With Teacher Evaluations

Two new national studies raise questions about the how accurate modern teacher evaluations are. The first study, from the University of Southern California’s Morgan Polikoff and the University of Pennsylvania’s Andrew Porter, finds test-based evaluation scores have little to no link to other teacher quality measures, such as how well instruction matches standards and the [...]

Social Media Helps Florida Teachers Connect, Inspire And Hone Their Craft

Lutz Elementary School teacher Mike Meiczinger uses Twitter to let people know what's happening in his class.

Lutz Elementary School teacher Mike Meiczinger noticed some parents weren’t using the class web site to keep track of what their students were doing. So Meiczinger signed up for Twitter as another way to keep in touch. He still feels like a novice, but Meiczinger sees it as an instant messaging service for parents. “I [...]

Some Of Our Favorite Thoughts On What #TeachingIs

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and teachers are leading a social media campaign called #TeachingIs. The goal is to push back against the idea that teachers are glorified baby-sitters and share what the job is really like. Here are some of our favorite #TeachingIs tweets.

Why Educators Are Using Social Media To Explain What #TeachingIs

Roland Park K-8 Magnet School science teacher Jaraux Washington.

Jaraux Washington is a science teacher at Tampa’s Roland Park K-8 Magnet School for International Studies. So it’s not surprising she turns to biology for a metaphor to describe teaching. “Especially in seventh grade you understand that this is a process,” she says, “and sometimes you’re the planter and sometimes you’re the waterer and sometimes [...]

Explaining A $50 Million Jacksonville Effort To Recruit And Retain Top Teachers

Teach for America teachers Samantha Sanacore, Eric Sweeney and Denali Lander.

Jacksonville-area businesses and nonprofits are trying to raise $50 million to help recruit and retain top teachers for three dozen of the district’s most challenged schools. The effort, known as Quality Education for All, is intended to help improve schools that have been the center of education-related lawsuits for decades. The money will pay bonuses [...]

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