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Feds Will Deport Florida DREAM Act Youth Despite White House Priority on Criminals


Bangladesh native, Shamir Ali, now 25, was picked up in a workplace raid in Miami last week and now faces deportation. Ali arrived to Florida when he was seven years old and is DREAM Act eligible.

In August 2011, the Obama administration announced it would prioritize deporting people convicted of crimes.

That meant shifting resources away from low-priority cases—such as undocumented children who came to the U.S. at a young age, or DREAM Act kids, and others.

One idea behind the new policy was to protect DREAM Act-eligible kids from deportation in case Congress were to soon approve the federal bill that would provide a path to citizenship to some undocumented immigrants.

But last Friday, 25-year-old Shamir Ali, a DREAM Act-eligible undocumented Florida resident, was denied deportation relief by the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement Field Office Director, Marc Moore (see the letter from Moore below).

The Palm Beach State College student was born in Bangladesh and came to Florida with his mother at age seven. Last Wednesday, he was picked up in an workplace raid at his job at a luxury car dealership in Miami. Ali is now scheduled for deportation.

The White House announcement was meant to formalize a policy of tolerance for undocumented immigrants with no criminal record that was already applied by some local Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices.

Immigrant advocacy groups, like the Florida Immigrant Coalition say Ali’s deportation order is a “clear contradiction to the [Obama] administration’s alleged intentions.”

Shamir Ali supporters are scheduled to protest what they say is President Obama’s broken promise to stop deportation of DREAM-Act eligible youth tomorrow. The protests are expected to take place in 8 cities, Boston, MA; Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; Yadkinville, NC; Austin, TX, Providence, RI and Washington DC.

Felipe Matos of Presente.org is one of the organizers. He said, “I am undocumented. I know I could be next to be jailed and deported. I will not wait to become the next possible Shamir.”

Back in August, we profiled one student who was denied relief from deportation until a powerful Florida advocate intervened.


  • Delaware Bob

    If he’s in this country illegally, he is to be deported.  If his parents are here illegallym they should be deported also.  I don’t like to see families separated. That is wrong.  This illegal  immigration is costing the American taxpayers BILLIONS upon BILLIONS.  When is it going to end?  Just who do these people think they are to snub their nose at our laws?

    I hope one of these republicans will get rid of all the illegal aliens in this country. The ones who don’t have our jobs are using this country as a welfare country because of the anchor babies, which has to end! When is enough, enough, with these illegal aliens? When? Who are these aliens to demand we give them amnesty? Who are these illegal aliens to demand we give them in-state tuition? We have some states pandering to these illegal aliens and this has to stop, also!

  • Anonymous

    For some reason illegal aliens believe that if they haven’t gotten caught, they have a right to be here! Unfortunately, our pres cherry picked our laws to support this idea!

    Why is it we never talk about ways to support those who come here legally?

  • Anonymous

    Just a reminder on our comments policy: http://stateimpact.npr.org/comments-policy/

    Form letter comments could be deleted.

  • Randyjet

    Since Mr Matos does not allow those who disagree with him to post, I have to make my comments here. It is obvious he has no idea of freedom of speech, or respect for others. The fact that he decries about 93% of deportees being Latino as evidence of racial profiling since only 77% of illegals are Hispanic overlooks the FACT that almost ALL the other illegals did NOT commit a crime by smuggling themselves into the US. They are for the most part visa overstayers, and have NOT committed a crime as those who come from south of the border. Thus if you are going to deport those who are criminals., Latinos WILL of necessity be the most hit.

    It is also outrageous that he does NOT consider ID theft, SS fraud, tax evasion, perjury,fraud, theft, hit and run, failure to register for the draft, crimes. For his info, they are ALL felonies and lots of Americans go to prison for violating those laws, even though they are not violent crimes. I can only assume that he is racist in his insistence that only illegal Latinos should be exempt from our laws.

    In Harris County, the Sherrif, Garcia, is using Secure Comm for ALL his prisoners. It is a great program and is supposed to make criminals have fear. The people can ONLY get on the data base by having been arrested BEFORE. That means that the people who get caught are criminals at least once, and if they go to jail, it is a good bet that they have committed other crimes. I can see why criminals hate this system since they can no longer hide behind false names and IDs. They use fingerprints to ID people, and they cannot get around that. The only people who hate this are CRIMINALS.

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