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Why President Obama’s Call For Less Testing Might Not Change Much

Recently, President Barack Obama admitted he’d made a mistake when it comes to public schools. Like most people with big news to share – he posted it on Facebook. “I also hear from parents who, rightly, worry about too much testing,” Obama said in a video posted to the White House’s Facebook page. For more […]

South Florida College Leaders Support President’s Free College Plan

The leaders of two of the nation’s largest community colleges say they support President Barack Obama’s proposal to give students two years of college for free. Obama proposed the idea in Tennessee Friday. In a written statement, Broward College president J. David Armstrong says the proposal could mean more training for teachers, nurses, paramedics, firefighters […]

Report: It Will Cost $3.2 Billion To Upgrade Schools To Wireless Internet

President Barack Obama’s proposal to equip nearly every school with high-speed wireless Internet will cost $800 million per year — $3.2 billion total by the 2018 deadline — according to a new estimate given to the Federal Communications Commission. The initiative is important to Florida schools for two reasons. First, schools are switching to new […]

What The President Said About Education In The State Of The Union

President Barack Obama again asked Congress to expand access to early childhood education programs and defended a major federal grant program, but didn’t propose any new initiatives. Education Week has the recap here: President Barack Obama placed education at the center of a broad strategy to bolster economic mobility and combat poverty—calling on Congress in […]

Tea Party Leader Says Common Core Can Revitalize Movement

Tea party groups see opposition to Common Core standards as the issue to revitalize a political movement which failed to defeat Democratic President Barack Obama in last year’s election and lost a court challenge to Obama’s health care law. Here’s the quote, from The Washington Post: “This is the issue that could change things for […]

Senate President: Federal Budget Cuts Threaten Teacher Raises, New School Technology

Five military bases are located within Senate President Don Gaetz’ Northwest Florida district. Thousands of workers earn their pay at those bases, or from affiliated aerospace and defense companies nearby. Because President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders failed to reach a compromise to avoid automatic cuts to military spending, Gaetz said, that leaves those workers […]

Homework For Voters: The StateImpact Florida Election Guides

Florida has had long lines so far during early voting, likely due in part to the long list of constitutional amendments on the ballot. Don’t head to the polls tomorrow unprepared. We’ve got a handy StateImpact Florida guide which explains what effect the proposed constitutional amendments will have on education. You can also check out […]

Five Questions For A Florida Teacher Who Supports Mitt Romney

We’ve heard a lot from educators who support Democratic President Barack Obama for reelection. The National Education Association has endorsed Obama. But there are plenty of teachers who support his Republican challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney. According to EdVotes.org, about 40 percent of Florida Education Association (FEA) members and at least 25 percent of NEA members […]

After Two Presidential Debates,Three Questions For Florida’s 2010 Teacher of the Year

The National Education Association (NEA) endorsed President Barack Obama last July. The group represents 3.2-million members, many of whom will choose Republican Gov. Mitt Romney over Obama in spite of the NEA’s recommendation. Megan Allen, 2010 Florida Teacher of the Year, is making the media rounds on behalf of the NEA in support of Obama. […]

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