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John Oliver Spends 18 Minutes Shredding Standardized Testing

Republican, Democrat and independent candidates were unanimous Tuesday -- Florida schools test too much.

John Oliver spent 18 minutes taking on standardized testing, teacher evaluations and all things “accountability” related on his show, “Last Week Tonight.” And, of course, Florida plays a starring role. Warning: Salty language, off-color jokes and test monkeys ahead.

Five Questions About Florida’s Testing Problems

A new study finds the more students use email and the Internet in school, the lower their scores on international math and reading exams.

Last week, dozens of Florida school districts had to postpone state testing because of problems with the new Florida Standards Assessments. Students couldn’t log in to the online writing exam — and some who did were booted out and temporarily lost their answers. The problems seem to have been resolved Thursday. By Friday, more than [...]

New Book Looks At The History And Future Of Testing In U.S. Schools

Anya Kamenetz is an education reporter for NPR and author of a new book on testing in U.S. schools.

Lots of people think there’s too much testing going on in schools right now. It’s one of the most contentious issues in education. Lawmakers want to scale back the amount of time Florida students spend taking tests. But at the same time, Florida is rolling out a new test tied to new math and language [...]

2012-2013 Florida High School Grades

The Florida Department of Education released 2012-2013 high school grades on Wednesday.

The Florida Department of Education released 2013 high school grades, part of the state’s school accountability system. The data includes each component of the school’s score and demographic data.

More Florida High Schools Earn A, F Grades

Nearly half of Florida high schools — 48 percent — earned an A grade on the state’s report card, according to a report Florida Department of Education released Wednesday. That’s up from 31 percent of high schools earning a top grade two years ago. More than 80 percent of Florida high schools earned an A [...]

New Standards Will Require Rewriting Expectations, But Not School Grading Formula

Experts say the switch to Common Core standards won't require a total overhaul of school grading systems. However, educators may struggle to set new expectations.

Last month State Board of Education members turned on Florida’s school grading system. The board was being asked to voted on two temporary changes which would soften the impact of several years of changes to the state formula which assign schools and districts an A-to-F rating. One change would prevent schools from dropping more than [...]

2012-2013 Florida Elementary And Middle School Grades

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The Florida Department of Education released 2013 elementary and middle school grades, part of the state’s school accountability system. The data includes each component of the school’s score and demographic data.

Classroom Contemplations: What Do Test Results Really Tell Us?

Editor’s note: Names of teachers and students have been changed. Let’s take a moment to look closely at test scores, which are the basis of our new “teacher accountability” system. I just got back the test results for the students at the magnet school where I taught this year, and I honestly don’t think they [...]

Classroom Contemplations: How School Grades Get It Wrong

Editor’s note: Names of teachers and students have been changed. Professionals should be responsible for their job performance and should be evaluated and retained accordingly. Who doesn’t agree with that? My problem isn’t with accountability or evaluating teachers.  My problem is with the schemes I’ve encountered so far in my career that have been designed [...]

State Board Wants Superintendents To Review School Grading Formula

The State Board of Education has asked that a panel of school superintendents and other education officials to review the state’s school grading system and potentially recommend changes. Superintendents from Hillsborough and Miami-Dade schools said that they are concerned changes to the school grading system will mean a dramatic drop in school grades. The board [...]

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