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How big oil misled the public into believing plastic would be recycled

"There is serious doubt that [recycling plastic] can ever be made viable on an economic basis," one industry insider wrote in a 1974 speech.
By Laura Sullivan/NPR

NPR, Frontline investigation: Plastics industry spent millions selling recycling — to sell more plastic

'Plastic Wars' documentary premieres 10 p.m. March 31 on PBS stations and online
By Laura Sullivan, NPR, and Frontline

Plastics can break down into tiny pieces by the time they hit the Great Lakes. This Penn State researcher wants to know what they are before they degrade

Sherri Mason said policymakers ask how much of plastic pollution comes from bags or bottles — and she can’t answer. So she’s working to find out.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Updated: June 28, 2019 | 4:22 pm

Pennsylvania lawmakers seek to block any attempt at regulation of single-use plastics

The move comes as the city of Philadelphia seriously considers a ban on single-use plastic bags.

By Marie Cusick

Pa. lawmakers push to eliminate litter and single-use plastic

'Recycling is broken in Pennsylvania....the whole system needs to be reworked'
By Catalina Jaramillo