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One of Corbett's Go-To Shale Guys, Jim Cawley


Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley is one of Governor Corbett’s point men on energy issues. Cawley headed Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission, which was charged with developing policy recommendations on economic development and regulation of natural gas drilling.

Before being sworn in as LG, Cawley served as a Bucks County Commissioner from 2005 to 2011. He’s a former aide to Republican state Senator Tommy Tomlinson, and counts former Governor Mark Schweiker – another lieutenant governor from southeastern Pennsylvania – as a mentor. Cawley has an undergraduate and law school degree from Temple University.


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Lt. Governor Cawley: Chesapeake Energy royalty practices are ‘egregious’

Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley sat down with StateImpact Pennsylvania recently to talk about how the Corbett administration is handling allegations of fraud against the state’s biggest natural gas driller– Chesapeake Energy. Corbett recently reached out to state Attorney General Kathleen Kane and asked her to investigate complaints the company is cheating Pennsylvania landowners out of royalty money. [...]

Range Resources Wines and Dines State Officials

One of the state’s biggest natural gas drillers, Range Resources, paid for expensive steak dinners for Corbett administration officials, state legislators, and gas industry executives, according to documents obtained by StateImpact Pennsylvania under the state’s Right To Know law. Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley and Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Alan Walker disclosed the dinners as gifts [...]

As Utilities Rush To Turn Lights Back On, Powerless Turn To Generators

The line for generators at Cabela's in Berks County

The line for electric generators stretched across the front of Cabela’s in Berks County Wednesday, and then doubled back. Employees stationed at the front of the line repeated their sales pitch over and over, pointing to an image of the generator on a laminated placard. “The generator we have is this one right in the middle. …You [...]

Cawley Says Pennsylvania And Shell Are Still In “Early Negotiations” Over Ethane Cracker

This morning, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley told reporters he didn’t have any comment on Pennsylvania’s negotiations with Shell over a possible $1.7 billion tax break. He then proceeded to tell them that Pennsylvania is still deep in negotiations with the company, as it considers building a multi-billion dollar ethane cracker in Beaver County. (What’s an [...]

Township Supervisors Have Questions About Impact Fee

The new natural gas-drilling impact fee puts a lot on township supervisors’ plates. It injects tens of thousands of dollars  – in some cases, more than $500,000–  into their budgets. And if the township has drilling regulations on the books, the new statewide law will change them. So, when the Pennsylvania State Association of Township [...]

Report: Tax Revenue Up In Pennsylvania’s Drilling Counties

When Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley spoke about natural gas drilling at the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors’ annual conference this morning, he had the air of a televangelist. “You see, Marcellus Shale is a game-changer for our commonwealth,” he told the crowd. “Not just in the gas-producing area, but all across the commonwealth.” Addressing [...]

Revelers Talk Shale At New York’s Pennylvania Society

State lawmakers are back in Harrisburg today, after a whirlwind weekend of cocktail receptions, black tie affairs and fundraisers at the annual Pennsylvania Society festivities in New York City. With House and Senate leaders still hammering out the details of a final Marcellus Shale impact fee bill, one of the big questions at this year’s [...]

County Commissioners Shift Stance, Now Support Corbett Impact Fee

Here’s a sign Governor Corbett’s proposed natural gas impact fee is gaining momentum: the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, which previously expressed “strong reservations” about the proposal, is now backing it. Executive Director Doug Hill says the shift comes after numerous discussions with two of Corbett’s Marcellus Shale point men, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley and [...]

Corbett’s Commonwealth Secretary Praises Gas Drilling

Another member of Governor Corbett’s cabinet is singing Marcellus Shale drilling’s praises. Appearing in State College today, Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele credited natural gas extraction with creating thousands of jobs throughout Pennsylvania. “This kind of job creation throughout our economy is why Governor Corbett is doing all he can to support Marcellus Shale [...]

Is Cuomo Cribbing Corbett’s Fracking Talking Points?

The Corbett Administration has a well-worn line, when it comes to explaining its approach to regulating natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale. It needs to be based on science, not emotion. “We need to protect the environment,” Governor Tom Corbett told the State Association of Township Supervisors in April, “but we must do it [...]

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