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Researchers find spreading drilling wastewater on Pa. roads can lead to harmful runoff

Contaminants such as salts, metals, and radioactive elements found in the runoff were at levels higher than what’s considered healthy for people and the environment.

By Rachel McDevitt

State House passes relaxed standards for conventional drillers; Wolf opposes the bill

Supporters say the bill creates reasonable criteria for the industry. Opponents say it poses a risk to public health and the environment.

By Rachel McDevitt

Legislature revives effort to create special standards for conventional drillers

House Bill 1144 allows companies to spill up to five barrels of oil spills and up to 15 barrels of wastewater without reporting them to the state.

By Rachel McDevitt

Updated: November 30, 2020 | 5:29 pm

Bill heading to governor would relax environmental laws for conventional drillers

Gov. Tom Wolf’s office has said the bill “poses an undeniable risk to the health and safety of our citizens, the environment, and our public resources.”

By Rachel McDevitt

Wolf says despite GOP compromise, drilling bill still poses too much environmental risk

Republicans are pushing for looser regulations on conventional oil and gas drillers, who generally run small operations and work with relatively shallow wells.
By Katie Meyer

State reaches $7M agreement over 1,400 abandoned oil and gas wells

Alabama company has until 2033 to plug wells or put them back into production
By Reid Frazier