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Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front

Kara Holsopple is committed to telling environmental stories that connect people to faces and places nearby, and to the wider world. Kara is a lifelong resident of southwestern Pennsylvania, except for her undergraduate years at Sarah Lawrence College. She holds a masters degree in professional writing from Chatham University, and has been a features writer for regional magazines. Kara got her start in radio working with Pittsburgh Indymedia’s Rustbelt Radio. She produced "The Allegheny Front Rewind" series, celebrating the show's 20th anniversary, and her work has been heard on The Environment Report, Inside Appalachia and Here & Now. One summer she read all of Agatha Christie’s detective novels.

Latest by Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front

Safety advocate warns of lack of oversight for new CO2 pipelines needed for carbon capture

Pipeline Safety Trust recently commissioned a report to assess the state of CO2 pipeline safety regulation.

By Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front

New book explores private land, public good and fracking in Pennsylvania

Fracking caused upheaval over the disruption and environmental degradation in the rural communities surrounding Williamsport, and challenged the rural values of independence and sovereignty over private property.

By Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front

Fracking chemicals are showing up in bodies of people who live near drilling, research finds

In a Q&A, Kristina Marusic of Environmental Health News said, “I hope that this study will encourage others to do more biomonitoring related to fracking. The technology is evolving…”

By Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front

‘We need to shift focus’: A state program is helping boroughs and towns plan for climate change

This fall, 21 municipalities took an inventory of their greenhouse gas emissions, in areas like waste disposal, transportation, and industry. In the spring, they’ll create climate action plans.

By Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front

Coronavirus delays conservation efforts in Pennsylvania

'The whole spring season is basically lost'
By Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front

In Pittsburgh, some restaurants are helping restore the Chesapeake Bay one oyster shell at a time

With oyster populations low, a recovery effort focuses on cultivating baby oysters in the shells that once might have been on your dinner plate.

By Kara Holsopple/The Allegheny Front