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Following fracking scandal, state Rep. Jesse White loses House seat

State Rep. Jesse White (D- Allegheny) apologized for using fake online personas to bully shale gas supporters.

State Rep. Jesse White (D- Allegheny) apologized for using fake online personas to bully shale gas supporters.

A Pittsburgh area Democrat and vocal fracking critic lost his state House seat last night. Rep. Jesse White (D- Allegheny) was caught last year in an online bullying scandal by Pittsburgh’s local CBS affiliate.

In May 2013 the TV station reported White had been using pseudonyms to bully online commenters who express support for shale gas development. He later apologized.

White was soundly defeated by Republican challenger Jason Ortitay. The Washington Observer-Reporter covered his loss, which he blamed on negative ads.

“This wasn’t a campaign; it was a character assassination. They dragged my name through the mud and it worked, this time,” White said. “We did everything we could have done. I’m proud of my campaign.”

Ortitay did not dispute the nastiness of the campaign, but said he’s ready to work for his new constituents as he learns the nuances of state government.

“From here on out, it’s about bringing people together,” Ortitay said. “If you have disagreements, I’m here to be reasonable and be fair and to help bridge the gap to bring people together to build a better 46th District.”

Here’s his concession speech, from the Observer-Reporter:


  • env121

    Once the AG investigates Oritay’s residency, there will be another headline.

    • Steve Todd

      We can only hope.

  • TLjoconnell

    I wonder if he owns only one suit?

    • Missy

      Ummm… What?

  • Steve Todd

    “People say they hate negative campaigns. You wanna know why they do them? Because they work, and this is proof-positive of it.” ~ Outgoing Representative Jesse White

  • Goodbye JW

    Well, when your entire term is full of lies and childish behavior…a negative campaign is all one has to use. Thank you JW for your service as a horrible representative as you were a horrible person outside of the office.

  • Raymond Churilla

    Boo goddamn hoo this clown had to go

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