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DEP Secretary Abruzzo implicated in sexually explicit email exchange

Chris Abruzzo is the secretary of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection.

Marie Cusick/ StateImpact Pennsylvania

Chris Abruzzo is the secretary of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Chris Abruzzo is one of eight prominent state employees who “sent or received hundreds of sexually explicit photos, videos and messages from state email accounts between 2008 and 2012.” A spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s office confirmed to WITF that Abruzzo sent eight of the emails, and received 46.

Prior to being appointed as Pennsylvania’s top environmental regulator, Abruzzo worked under Gov. Corbett during his term as Attorney General, running the Drug Strike Force and prosecuting Medicaid fraud. He has no environmental background.

The sexually explicit emails were requested by the Inquirer and other newspapers under a Right-to-Know law request. They are related to the current Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s investigation of the Jerry Sandusky prosecution while Corbett was at the helm.

Kane released the names of eight emailers, which include the state’s top cop, and showed reporters some of the pornographic messages.

More from the Inquirer:

The emails include explicit photos and videos of women and men engaged in oral sex, anal sex and intercourse.

Kane’s office showed only what it called a sampling of the emails and their contents; it could not say specifically if the messages were opened, provide the dates they were sent, or if the pornography had been viewed by the intended recipients.

The office also could not say how many people received the e-mails, how often the emails circulated, or how many such e-mails the eight named recipients sent or received.

Kane’s office did not show reporters the images of actual emails – just the attached image or the video, which it then attributed to a specific person.

The Inquirer reports the email exchanges also include more state employees:

The exchange of several sexually explicit emails – several hundred over that four-year span – is believed to involve many more state employees, including top state jurists and 30 current employees of the state Attorney General’s Office. Kane’s office said it was precluded from releasing names of current employees under union agreements.

The emails had been retrieved during Kane’s internal review of how her predecessors handled the investigation of serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

But until last week, a judge had prevented her from deciding whether to grant the news outlets’ claims to see the documents under the state’s Right-to-Know law. As recently as Tuesday, Kane’s office denied The Inquirer’s request for the records.


  • Theo107

    Nice to see our TAX dollars hard at work, taking care of the people’s interests .

  • DoryHippauf

    gives a whole new meaning to dirty politics. Gotta luv them GOP family values

  • DeanMarshall

    This was all on taxpayer funded salaries with State equipment. Jail them All with Sandusky!

  • Kays2Cents

    interesting that the democrat attorney general releases this information just a month before an election. in a different news article it was stated “The search of emails included those of Mr. Corbett, who was attorney general until his swearing-in as governor in January 2011. No such materials were found in his account, Ms. Martin said. “We saw nothing to suggest he was personally involved in the exchange,” and in another article “Hundreds of pornographic inter-office emails, which were and still are against office policy, were discovered during Kane’s review of the sex abuse prosecution of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, her office said. A spokeswoman could not immediately say Thursday whether the office found more current or former employees who sent or received such emails.” … so if the emails were discovered a long time ago – then why just release the names now? sounds like she is helping out her democratic candidate for governor … notice the articles say nothing about pressing charges and doesn’t say she is going to but rather just believed it was important to release names. And as usual the public finds people guilty before they are even officially charged. let’s get all of the facts…and perhaps the motive behind releasing the names now versus when they were first discovered.

    • NorthernTier

      The Corbett team had ample opportunity to get ahead of the story and offer their explanation. Once the RTK requests were made by the media , it was “game over”. The current AG was astute enough to recognize that.

    • JimBarth

      I’m certain that nothing was found in Corbett’s emails, just as nothing was found in Chris Christie’s emails relating to “bridgegate”. That is why the Corbett’s and Christie’s of the world have people working under them, so they can take the fall, instead of the Governor’s of these two States.

    • Tim Berton

      Kays2cents – The Attorney General fought release of these items but the judge ruled against her. She didn’t release everything she could have. The text parts of the emails were not released. They could be very embarrassing.

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