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Corbett announces $12.5 million in renewable energy grants

wind turbine

vaxomatic via Flickr

Governor Corbett announced $12.5 million dollars will be available for grants and loans to fund renewable energy projects around the state.
The grants will financed by the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority for solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass projects.
Funding will also be available for alternative energy fuels, manufacturing, and research.
“This funding is an opportunity for companies, municipalities, schools and organizations to deploy alternative energy projects or construct new facilities related to alternative fuels,” Corbett said in a statement.
“Such projects further our goal to develop a diverse and robust energy sector here in Pennsylvania, in a manner that protects our environment and uses our resources smartly and efficiently.”
Applications August 15th and will be awarded in the fall. The state Department of Environmental Protection is holding a webinar on the initiative June 24th.

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