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Did pro-drilling rally get special treatment from state police?

Last week when thousands Marcellus Shale supporters descended on the state Capitol for a rally, the Pennsylvania State Police bus safety detail showed up to do spot inspections of their parked buses on Harrisburg’s City Island.

According to ABC27 News, the Governor’s Office intervened, and the head of the State Police told the inspectors to leave:

abc27 WHTM



  • Brad Kirsch

    Looks like someone in ghe governor’s office got a went a bit over the top and almost started a Busgate scandale.

  • kenneth weir

    Tom Corporate sucks the teat of the gas hog industry and will do EXACTLY what he is told to do, nothing more ,nothing less. He is what he is and should be tossed out on his arse, and then he can go to work for his buddies openly and not hiding behind the governors door.

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