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Winter heating costs expected to rise


U.S. Energy Information Administration

The cost of heating a home with natural gas is expected to be 13 percent higher this year, compared to last year.

According to the federal Energy Information Administration, that’s about an $80 increase per household.

From the EIA:

EIA projects that average household expenditures for homes heating with natural gas will total $679 this winter, a 13% increase over last winter’s average but 4% below the average of the previous five years … Homes heating primarily with propane are expected to spend an average of $1,666 (9% more than last winter), while homes with electric heat are expected to spend $909 (2% more), and homes using heating oil are expected to spend $2,046 (2% less).

The price of natural gas rebounded earlier this year after hitting historic lows.

According to the state Public Utility Commission, about half of all Pennsylvania households use natural gas for heating, followed by electricity and oil.



  • Sean Indignado Kitchen

    I thought all that fracking was supposed to solve our domestic energy woes? Oh, that’s right, it goes on the open market, or to China.

  • concerned_mom_2

    With one or two LNG export terminals already open and about 18 others in the works, expect natural gas prices to rise as Pennsylvania natural gas industry finds lucrative markets in China, India and elsewhere around the world.

  • Ed

    Since they stopped all trading with Iran, and Europe, India and China get their NG off of Iran it caused a shortage. They knew going in that a large percentage of Fracking gas was to be exported.

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