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Chesapeake Energy Layoffs Hit Bradford County

Chesapeake Energy Corporation's 50 acre campus in Oklahoma City.

REUTERS/Steve Sisney/Landov

Chesapeake Energy Corporation's 50 acre campus in Oklahoma City.

Chesapeake Energy’s corporate restructuring has lead to layoffs in the company’s busiest hub of its Pennsylvania operations– Bradford County.

Last week Chesapeake’s newly appointed CEO Doug Lawler announced the departure of four top executives. The company has also laid off staff in its Athens field office, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The company did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Several analysts contacted by StateImpact Pennsylvania declined to comment on the layoffs, but in an earnings call earlier this month Lawler said his top priority for the company is financial discipline.

Chesapeake Energy is the most active driller in Pennsylvania, with 792 unconventional wells.

Crains Cleveland Business also recently reported Chesapeake has let go of staff in Ohio.

A woman who answered the phone at the Athens field office told StateImpact Pennsylvania Chesapeake’s local media relations coordinator, Rory Sweeney, is no longer with the company.

Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko (R) says he doesn’t know the exact numbers, but he believes about eight people were laid off locally, representing the company’s community and landowner relations staff.

“They got rid of the whole department, which is alarming to me because that’s the face of Chesapeake Energy to the community,” he says.

McLinko said the timing is particularly frustrating as the community deals with widespread allegations of underpaid gas royalties.

Many of the complaints are directed at Chesapeake.

“I support the development of the Marcellus Shale,” says McLinko, “We have terrific operators up here. I’m not happy with a few.”


  • Vera Scroggins

    McLinko still supports Marcellus Shale; He needs more lay-offs and more bad operators to shake up his faith in Shale. Glad to hear Chesapeake has peaked and now in the downward spiral.

    • James Asbury

      Vera- your understanding of the industry is so poor- you’re lucky you have a loyal following of haters. You do know what’s next right honey?
      STAT- BP-Western oh…. and what will you do when the oil phase and the manufacturing boom hit in 2014?

      P.S- see ya this fall- Drill’N Man is take’n a vacation in your neighborhood babe….

  • William Huston

    I hear there are jobs available delivering water to impacted families.

  • Alphacarol/aka Carol Manuel

    My family goes to Bradford County (Asylum Township) in the summer where we have property on the Susquehanna. What I have tried to get family members to realize is this: Regardless of the future, the hundreds of wells already drilled, fracked, and re-fracked there have already done the irreversible damage to the land, the water, and the air. It is really no cause for celebration that a small part of the industry is changing direction. Some of my family are under the mistaken impression that it is over- the gas drilling has come and gone and we are OK now. It just is not true. The pipelines are going in and the compressor stations, and new wells are being drilled right up the hill from us probably as we speak.

    • Daniel M. Parker

      So, using our own abundant energy isn’t a good thing? Importing it through the Straits of Hormuz is preferable? In a half century we might have the technological know how to produce so called alternative energy in abundant and cost effective amounts; but not now. There is no damage to the land-unless you consider a road, a home, a shopping mall, a solar panel factory land damage as well.

    • tim kay

      thanks for visiting our home, OUR HOME, we live here everyday, the industry has helped us in many ways, the environment has not suffered, it was short term construction and them reclaimed !!! it was no different then the construction used to build your vacation home !!! thanks for visiting, but how we live our lives in not your choice !

  • Amber

    I am curious as to why a company producing record volumes would be laying off mass people? And for those of you who believe the media to be the gospel truth on fracking? You better research PA’s water. It is horrible in areas that aren’t fracked! Don’t buy into the media’s lies…they have an agenda, get out there and do some REAL research.

  • Dave Johnson

    You do realize that Chesapeake is done drilling in this area so they no longer care. Fire the local hires and move their offices somewhere else. They will finish putting in the pipelines to get the gas from the wells to the market and then move completely away.

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