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Minuteman Denies Wrongdoing after Raid by Federal and State Authorities

A Northumberland County business that was raided by federal and state officials yesterday has issued a statement denying any wrongdoing.

Minuteman Environmental Services in Milton bills itself as an “oil and gas field services” company. It hauls waste and equipment for the natural gas industry.

Agents from the FBI, the state attorney general’s office, Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection were involved with the raid. They removed boxes of evidence from the company and also searched the home of its owner, Brian Bolus.

According to state campaign finance records, Bolus gave $10,000 to Governor Corbett in 2009 and 2010. Corbett visited the plant in February 2012 and touted it as an “American success story.”

The nature of the investigation remains unclear. Federal and state authorities have repeatedly declined to comment.

WKOK has posted the statement from Minuteman:

For the past eighteen months the Office of the Attorney General has been speaking to former, disgruntled employees of Minuteman Environmental Services, Inc. When we became aware of this activity, we immediately offered, through our attorney, to provide the OAG with any information they wanted. When this offer was not immediately accepted, it was repeated. Both offers were ignored.

Since there has been no wrongdoing, it is not surprising that the OAG’s investigation has disclosed no credible evidence of improper conduct.

Yesterday the OAG conducted simultaneous searches of the home of Brian Bolus, Minuteman’s corporate Headquarters and our branch office in Middletown, PA. The searches were massive; they involved dozens of agents, some in military fatigues, and most carrying weapons.
Karen Bolus, wife of Brian Bolus was handcuffed and placed on the floor next to their eight year old child. At our offices, Minuteman employees were handcuffed ordered out of the building, and forced to sit on the lawn in the heat for at least an hour. A great deal of damage was done to our offices.

However baseless the investigation, however crude the tactics, our company continues to operate as we always have – honestly. We continue to serve our customers and care for our employees. We are deeply grateful for the many expressions of support which we have received from those with whom we do business.


  • eric

    support? like not paying your employees, making them drive vehicles that had dot voilations, and if they refused, u cut their hours, dumping water at filling stations, shall I continue….. like me, im still waiting for payment of hrs worked

    • Sledge Hammer

      Worked ther know exactly what you mean! DRIVER

  • CVN65

    Regardless of the allegations, which we have yet to see, it was unnecessary to conduct a raid on the home and business when cooperation had been offered. Was it truly necessary to handcuff the mother of an 8-year-old boy right in front of him? There is no allegation of violent crime here, so why not simply contact the Boluses and notify them to appear with their lawyer at an appointed time and place? Why the armed cops in fatigues? This reeks of incompetence and a general lack of common sense on the part of the Commonwealth.

    • Wes_Scott

      Apparently, it WAS necessary. Corbett is a liar and a shill for the oil and gas industry who willfully puts his constituents at risk for the benefit of those who financially support his political campaigns.

    • Roscoe McCloskey

      If they had been given notice of this raid you can guarantee that any evidence of foul play would have quickly been destroyed. Don’t be so gullible. This industry is incredibly corrupt and would never work with the government towards the best interests of the citizens, only toward the best interests of their bottom line.

    • Edmund Moore

      There are bigger fish on the line than Brian Bolus, bet it’s a whopper.

  • Madmusenyc

    Running a lengthy press statement from Minuteman is not reporting. But wait! NPR accepts underwriting from the natural gas industry…

  • Wes_Scott

    Obviously, there was some legal basis for the raids and searches because the FBI came with subpoenas and several state and federal government agencies.

    This same sort of investigation is needed at most companies involved with natural gas exploration and production because those companies are seldom, if ever, honest and candid about what they do and how they conduct business. Hopefully, this type of scrutiny will become the norm rather than the exception. There is a lot of dirt in the oil and gas industry that needs to be cleaned up.

  • Sledge Hammer

    From my exprience as a employee with them, we all knew of the bribes with gov officals, and box seat tickets to games amongist other events as they were called bcak then, it was employee public knoweldge and we all disreguared it all for the sake of the money, the Bolus’s were paying at the time, even the false soil samples being sent for testing to be able to dump the frac materials illegally. They simplely had ways set up to deal with this. If one place refused the dirty water, they’d take bogus samples to be tested somewhere else from there own back yard and get it dumped suppsoedly at another place. The steak dinners for feild workers to keep them happy, but at what cost to our health? My hope is that, just because you have money and put a nice wrapper on it does not mean its on the up and up and the truth comes out! As a driver for the said company I was worked way over the DOT allowed hours not to mention all the equipment DOT violations, but kept your mouth shut to get paid the good money. Now sorry ever got involved with them. The big gas companies didn’t seem to care either, they just wanted to keep there hands clean and let brian bolus take the fall, as long as they could stay running and DEP would not have it come back on them. They all just wanted there peice of the pie! CHEIF, ANNADARKO,SHELL & many other big players, but the real people effected by all this was the wokers in the feild workers that phyically handled the stuff under his guide to work or get FIRED! It was all about the money and the disreguard to workers and the communities in the area. Personally I just wonder what I was exsposed to really and my family when I came home from the sites and stuff I dealt with at some of those sites? I think its time the Bolus’s reguadless of status, know what its like trying to live life and support there famliies like the rest of us, instead of thinking there “untouchable” do to the money they have made at others risk to saftey. Trust me I will be keeping an eye on the out come of this, and will testify if need be in the future if needed. We all knew something was wrong when it started, And I was one of the first to say if they keep getting cited with over weights, and other fines, that will huant them in the end. When this happends to a company with no regaurd to legallities, they are going to microscope your true intentions and it will come back on you sooner or later. Many times told just to run loads even without logs, just get it done! With that type of attitude, you wonder how they stayed in business this long, even after I left the company and heard about the exspansion in Milton, Pa? “MONEY” is the answer. No one but the big players can comprehend the money on that level, but my guess is when you got it you can only think, “I WON’T GET CAUGHT”! in the game.Trust me my $1,100 to $1.300 weekly and a steak dinner every time I was out over night on a site, was nothing compared to the $100,000′s a day being made but the big wheels, if not more daily. Finally, ask yourself this if nothing was wrong with the Gov. Corbett’s $10,000.00 contributions and many other kick backs to his personal pleasures, then why does he now say I was going to give it back to the Bolus’s, cause the truth is coming out is the answer! It has always been as long as they can hide the facts, then its okay……NEED I SAY MORE??????????

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