Rep. Jesse White Apologizes for Online Bullying of Shale Gas Supporters

  • Marie Cusick

State Rep. Jesse White (D- Allegheny) apologized for using fake online personas to bully shale gas supporters.

KDKA-TV reports state Rep. Jesse White — a Pittsburgh area Democrat and vocal critic of the natural gas industry –has been using pseudonyms to bully online commenters who express support for shale gas development.
Although he declined to comment on camera to KDKA, White issued an apology today:

On occasion, I have exercised my First Amendment rights and responded in kind, which was an error in judgment that I regret. To be clear, I did not use government resources while posting comments on these sites.
I apologize to Janice Gibbs and Donald Roessler for any action I’ve taken that may have been offensive or hurtful, and I will be extending a private invitation to meet with them to discuss our viewpoints face-to-face in an effort to find common ground and foster a more professional and respectful level of communication.

From KDKA:

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