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Corbett Touts Pennsylvania’s Shale Boom on CNBC

Governor Corbett appeared on CNBC’s Kudlow Report last night to talk about Pennsylvania’s natural gas boom.

Among the questions he faced were how much the state’s economy has benefited, and how Pennsylvania has managed to “beat the environmental groups.”

Corbett touted the jobs brought by the industry, and said fracking technology has been demonstrated to be safe.

“We passed a law last year, which is the toughest environmental law in the nation, when it comes to fracking” said Corbett, referring to Act 13. “We are following what the industry is doing and they have so far been safe. When there’s been accidents, they have been penalized for it.”

You can watch the full segment below:


  • Sue

    Wow, a lie in every sentence!

  • john slesinger

    Yup, they have been successful in beating the environmental groups, so that is one true statement. Yes the states economy has benefited, although the recipients of those benefits have been limited to corrupt government employees, a few landowners, those who have recieved settlements for wrongdoings, and those having landed temporary jobs in the industry. So thats kind of a truth. Fracking is safe, and those having “accidents” have been penalized are both lies. Corbett and our entire state is a joke.

  • DeanMarshall

    Corbett is and has been re-paying the Million Dollars in Campaign funding he took from the Industry! He needs to be investigated not only by the Pa Atty. General but by Federal authorities for RICO Crimes!

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