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Corbett: PA Employers Have Trouble Finding Drug-Free Workers

During an interview with Radio Pennsylvania Governor Corbett discussed criticism that Pennsylvania’s economic growth rate has been lackluster during his tenure.

Appearing on the program Ask the Governor, Corbett said Pennsylvanians need to be trained for 21st century jobs and mentioned the boom in Marcellus Shale drilling, “Particularly in the gas fields, the need for people like welders and tradespeople is growing there tremendously.”

But then the governor went off-topic and said this:

There are many employers that say, ‘We’re looking for people, but we can’t find anybody that has passed a drug test.’ That’s a concern for me because we’re having a serious problem with that.

His comments are at 3:40

This isn’t the first time Corbett has made news questioning the lifestyles of the unemployed.

During his run for governor in 2010 he told witf, “The jobs are there. But if we keep extending unemployment, people are going to sit there.”


  • TheProspector

    He should check how Florida did with their program of giving drug tests to welfare recipients. The drug test costs were far higher than the savings since so few used drugs. What is it about all these GOP governors who all believe the same goofy things? They all drink the same kool-aid?

  • CathrynSmith

    Really? The company I work for has mandatory drug testing before employment and we don’t have a problem getting workers.
    If there is any truth to his statement, can the governor can provide some sort of proof that it is true?

  • Steve C

    That’s because we have an old fart for a governor who is brainwashed by his corrupt government. The more people learn the truth, that cannabis oil/RSO cures ALL cancer, the more an old fart you’ll look. The government has known for 40 years that it cures cancer and owns a patent on it. Did they care when your loved ones died a painful death from it??? They just granted GW Pharms a patent on the use of cannabis oil to treat every known cancer. Pa..get off your lazy ass and educate yourself then you’ll see this old fart for who he is.

  • Steve

    How’s that tax free fracking working for ya Corbett..clown

  • Julieann Wozniak

    Corbett is merely regurgitating the talking points handed to him by his, um, handlers, and they have no basis in fact. I live in Greene County, and the only jobs available here are of the low-wage, no benefit big box variety and, of course, fracking and mining. I’m a 56 year old woman, an IT professional, and hold two university degrees. I’m also recovering from a debilitating bout of depression. I have two choices: leave my beloved community or resurrect my failed business. Fix your computer, lady? Cheap!

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