Department of Environmental Protection Waives Fees To Speed Sandy Cleanup

The Department of Environmental Protection is temporarily loosening some regulations, in order to speed up Sandy recovery efforts. More from witf:

The Department of Environmental Protection is waiving some disposal fees and working with waste haulers to allow them to pick up storm debris without certain authorizations.
DEP spokeswoman Lisa Kasianowitz says people living near waterways can also help with cleanup.
“If there is debris in nearby streams or creeks or on roads, they are allowed to go ahead and go in those streams and remove it without a permit,” Kasianowitz says. “That’s for the smaller debris that may be in the creeks and streams.”
She says a permit is needed if machinery is required to haul debris from waterways.
Kasianowitz adds waste haulers will not pick up damaged heating oil or propane tanks, which require special disposal methods.
Electronics also should be taken to special recycling facilities.

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