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How Much Impact Fee Money Each Municipality Will Receive

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

Governor Corbett announced his impact fee plan in October 2011. One year later, the money is being distributed to local governments.

Lawrence Township, Clearfield County – come on down! You were one of 26 Pennsylvania municipalities collecting the maximum $500,000 from the first round of Marcellus Shale impact fee distributions.
Governor Corbett announced the county and municipal-level impact fee totals this morning, about a month-and-a-half before the December 1 deadline for sending revenue to local governments.
The money, more than $204 million total, was collected from a $50,000 fee on every horizontal Marcellus Shale well. (Smaller, vertical wells were assessed $10,000). Sixty percent remains at the county and municipal level.
The state Supreme Court is set to hear arguments later this week on the constitutionality of Act 13’s local zoning restrictions, but the judgment won’t affect the law’s fee.
In addition to Lawrence, municipalities in Bradford, Clearfield, Greene, Lycoming, Susquehanna, Tioga and Washington Counties will take in the maximum amount of $500,000.
On the other end of the spectrum, fifteen boroughs will receive less than $10. The lowest total: $1.45 for Trafford, Allegheny County. Another nickel, and the borough manager could use it to buy a soda. (Or pop, since it’s Allegheny County.)
How much money is your township receiving? Continue reading to see a sortable table of municipal impact fee revenue. You can search for individual communities, or change it by clicking on “total” so that the highest or lowest amounts appear on top.

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