Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan Stumps for "All of the Above" Energy Policy

  • Susan Phillips

Tom MacDonald / Newsworks

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan speaks at the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester, Pa.

Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan seemed to echo an Obama refrain during his stop in the Philadelphia suburb of West Chester on Tuesday. Speaking to several thousand supporters at the American Helicopter Museum in Chester County, Ryan said he’s in favor of an “all of the above” energy strategy.

“We have energy in this country, let’s use the energy in this country,” said Ryan. “All of it, coal, shale, oil, gas, nuclear, renewables, all of the above that creates jobs. That’s one idea that gets people off the unemployment line and in to good paying jobs, like working on the Keystone Pipeline.”

“All of the Above” is the tagline for Obama’s energy policy. Energy, however, was not the main topic of discussion during Ryan’s campaign stops. He focused on jobs, medicare and small business.

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