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What Low Water Levels Mean For Pennsylvania

Worried about Pennsylvania’s low water levels? Listen to today’s Radio Smart Talk on witf, which featured interviews with experts from the Department of Environmental Protection and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission:

Last year was one the wettest on record in some Pennsylvania communities.  All you have to is remember last fall’s flooding after Tropical Storm Lee that resulted in millions of dollars in damage.  Then came a winter that was almost snowless — that is excerpt for a bizarre snowstorm on October 29.  The winter was warmer than normal too.
The dry, mild winter left the Susquehanna River at its lowest level since 1910 and 1946 — two years that resulted in droughts.
This time last week, a drought seemed to be a real possibility.  Then it rained earlier this week.  Is that rainfall enough to take us out of danger?

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