Army Seeks To Go Green

  • Susan Phillips

Kelly Schindler / U.S. Navy via Getty Images

A U.S. Navy EA-6B Prowler successfully completes its first test flight using a biofuel blend of JP-5 aviation fuel and camelina oil.S. Navy via Getty Images

The White House announced several green army initiatives aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels on the battlefield. The “Army Green Warrior Convoy” is a new lab located in Detroit that will test and develop fuel cell, hybrid, and battery technologies for military vehicles. The Obama Administration also announced a competition to design new energy storage systems to use in combat, which could be converted to civilian use. The Department of Defense has been developing biofuels for use in fighter jets. The DOD is currently taking proposals to build commercial sized bio-refineries. The Defense department also wants to develop fuel efficient weapons, and start relying on more renewable energy sources. The goal is to be using 25 percent renewables on military bases by 2025.